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A smoking thought.

The other day was a slow rainy type of day. I had a couple things I wanted to do, but no real schedule to keep and the sky was gray.
I was flowing from task to task, doing what had to be done: editing pictures, getting ready for Sunday’s post. Trying to figure out how to connect this laptop to the TV and still work on other stuff, and planning, in my mind the next step in filling the shed out back. 
You know, floating around yet accomplishing stuff. 
I stepped outside and looked around when it hit me…this would be a perfect time for a joint. The thought just leaked into my thinking.
I shook my head. Boy, that one hit my brain hard. 
I have not even thought about getting high for ages. (Note here: I have had some beer and even a tequila or two, but that is as far as it goes) I was in a good place in my mind and doing things at my pace and leisure, it just felt right to smoke one. I was thinking that it would “mellow” me out a little, maybe help to loosen my shoulders some.
I did not go out a…