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My Take

So, like every one else in our wonderful country, I have been inundated with the horrible events in Charlottesville. While the emergence of these white supremacists groups since #45 usurped the White House is tragic and does not represent any of the values that I grew up with as an American and Veteran, I have seen something that disturbs me even more.
The emergence of the Stats and Bars and Nazi flags. On Facebook alone, almost every other post has some kind depiction of one or both of those representations of repression and hate.
IMHO by plastering photos of those flags all over the media will only normalize them---and that is the first step to accepting them and the ideology they represent.
Having said all of the above, I do understand that the Stars and Bars, for some, represents more than hate and repression, but for the vast majority of the population, it is an evil reminder of a dark and oppressive past.