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A Year in Review-2016

Wow what a year! I have been trying to get here and write this mastiff of the past year for the past couple of weeks, but well life, as usual, gets in the way. After 56 years on this planet, you would think I could control, or at least predict when obstacles would impede progress. Alas, I am still learning that skill.
Now just a little about me, of course we all know this whole letter is my perception of the year gone by. I think the most significant gift I was given for Christmas was a nasty, nasty cold. It has ruled my life for the past week and I am only now beginning to feel a little better…read more energy here.
So here goes the year in review.

Last year, Christmas ’15 came too soon as usual, but we managed to enjoy it in our own way. Then came New Years and the Runtyun went out while I stayed home playing with my camera. I don't think anything real good came out of that session, but I enjoyed the time any how. As we all know, I am trying to learn how to take a good picture and …