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Here are some pics I have taken lately

So we get a massive up load of pictures:
This is a composite of a picture of Mom and some snow I got a picture of last year. The snow is the background.
Nova, the new princess of the house.  We had a celebration for my mother the other day. Here is a picture of the Servanthood House at the Cathedral of all Souls.  This one turned out to be a cider. I thought it was a beer before tasting it. SUPRIZE!!! I'm gonna work this one a little, but I wanted to post it now. I think I'll photoshop the the background out and just have her pretty profile. The Princess Nova  The Langunita Dog. I just got this really nice lens and had to see what it could do. The dog is about the size of a quarter!  So we get a massive up load of pictures

Lagunitas the Down Low Ale

Now this is a drinkable beer/ale. I guess it is a pale ale, (that is fun to say, Pale Ale, c’mon admit it) These beers and ales have been coming to our region lately, there are a bunch of different ones out there but this is the one I am looking at (read drinking) tonight.
So far, I have enjoyed all of the Lagunitas brews I have tried, even IPAs, though I am not much of an Imperil Pale Ale type of guy. At any rate, this one The DownLow Ale is a nice drinking beer. It looks fine with a clear golden(amber?) cast. It pours nicely with a controllable foam.
The taste is smooth with only a hint of hops at the end. I could drink this one all night long. Maybe I will.
So be prepared for some interesting pictures!


The last image is one that I sort of bumped into. I wanted to see what would happen if i bounced the light off of the red back ground. What do you think?
As always, your input is appreciated, so on off and let me know if this is a good picture!