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Motivation-or the struggle to find it

The other day I posted on FB, "I cannot even find motivation in my daughters eyes any more." There may have been some alcohol fuelling that statement, but I have found mind altering chemicals tend to augment, not create emotions.

     A good friend saw the post and expressed her concern. I told her that I was suffering from Diarrhea finger ... Just a bunch of shit flowing through my fingers onto the screen. She also suggested I might want to re-invent myself.

     Another friend suggested I spend more time writing. She said I might find my muse (not her words, but I took it that way).

     The best idea, and most undoable was to take a mini-vaca. Oh, that would be so nice, hop on The Grinner with only my camera and iPad...

     Well, the last one is most appealing because it encompasses the first two ideas and I get riding time! Unfortunately, the Grinner is broke down, and the daily grind will not allow me time to fix it.

     My friend Sheila, who is a writer/entertainer, …

My View

I saw someplace on Facebook some one saying something like, "You will never change a person's mind by posting on Facebook." Truer words may never have been said, or typed. Yet, we persist on posting all of our political views here. What is even worse, is some of the advertising, all of it political in nature, is taking over my feed! I cannot seem to find anything but, "Vote for me" on my feed any more. Where are the friend updates, and cute puppy videos, and silly fools doing stupid stuff? I joined FB to meet and be with friends, not be steered into a narrow political dogma!
     OK so as many of you have seen, I will repost politically relevant memes and even comment on them. Yep, I even embark in a conversation or two. One of my friends, we go way back to the bad-ol'-days, in particular will challenge me. It is stimulating and, sometimes I even question my beliefs --- a little.
     Our dialogs are enjoyable, yet I feel like I have not really made my p…

Some call it Sacrifice

I had arrived at work about 15 minutes early as usual hoping to to make a pot of coffee and get settled in before the work day ahead. Usually the bookkeeper, now owner, was there to unlock the door for us. Today however, she was late. Sometimes this happens because she had to do a deposit and it takes time. Though it was a miner annoyance, we thought nothing of it until she was about ten minutes late. Now we were getting a little annoyed, my kitchen manager and I. Not only was our caffeine intake being inhibited, but minutes were being sacrificed to her tardiness.

Finally we got a call. It was Ellen telling us that she was gonna be a bit late. Dean said she was late because our country was under attack and every one close to a T.V. was glued to it.

We finally got into the kitchen and started our routine, but Dean went someplace and found a T.V. for us to monitor the news cast. I remember watching the first tower going down and after a little while seeing the same thing from a different …