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Doc's party pt. 1

There is a party coming up, one that is a flashback to my past...the good and bad old days. It comes down to whether or not to go. For some reason I am making this much more complicated than is necessary. Of course I want to go, yet Atlanta in general and Doc's in particular represents some of the most traumatic times of my tenure on this world.

I find myself staring off into the past while writing this, remembering the fun and the pain. Somehow the face of my beautiful Runtyun appears and pushes everything aside.

Why would I want to go back there? I think this the first question I need to address. As I tell my Runtyun, one can never have too many friends. And I truly have too few. So it would be nice to re-cultivate some old ones.

Apart from seeing some of my old Doc's buddies, I may spend some time with others whom I miss. Eric is one of my best oldest friends, he has helped me with some legal matters, and he can poor a mean slug of single malt! Of course there is Jennifer, wit…

Mom's Journey

Wow, I have been focusing my energies on this new project recently and completely ignoring ones which were already going on!

As you know, because you the reader are so loyal to this blog, I have been working on a new blog centered around the Greenhouse Moto Cafe, go on over and have a look. Also, my mother took a fall awhile ago and had to spend a long time at Stone Creek Rehab.

She is a tough old bird, I only hope I am as strong as her when I get there. When she was admitted to Stone Creek, she was awake and could hold a conversation. However, we all knew something was not quite right with her ability to think a thought through to its logical end. Also physically, the bruise on her left temple was still pretty profound and her left arm and shoulder were and are still incredibly weak.

When Mom was released from Stone Creek, both her and Dad were emotionally ready for it. I wonder if their need to "get home where she belongs," may have been premature from a physical therapy poin…