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On our way home, but what about her?

Something just happened which I need to relate and get off my chest.
The Runtyun and I had just finished having lunch with the Grands and Martha. It was the first time Mother had been able to have lunch outside of her rehab facility since her accident. Lunch went well, the food was good and the family time will last in my memory for a long lasting and pleasant smile.
As all things must do, our time came to an end, Mom had to go back and relax, and the Runtyun and I found our way to a store for clothes. (Imagine that!) No luck on the buying front, but this is expected when we go clothes shopping.
However, as we were pulling into the store I noticed a lady going in with clothes to trade, she looked like she was carrying more weight on her shoulders then the pile in her arms. I thought nothing about it because the place accepts consignments. Well, after a few minutes of waiting for the Runtyun to find something, she came to me and no said there was nothing for her right now, so we left. 
I n…