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Thoughts and Concerns

For the most part I have kept these posts positive yet the realistic. Yesterday though, I had a back-of-the-head slap from reality.
In truth, my mother is a strong woman, some might say headstrong and she is doing well in her physical recovery. We all are grateful for this. However, she seems to be lonely at Stone Creek. I guess I can understand her emotional state, after all she is used to having Dad around all of the time---at home. Now though, he can only be there a few hours at a time a couple times a day.
The rest of the time she is alone, or doing PT, or doing crosswords puzzles, or watching T.V., or whatever.
I have made an effort to stop by every day for a few minutes. I wish I could do more. However, my daughter, The Runtyun, needs me too. And my job is intruding on our time together.
Mom has had a string of visitors, but they can only visit for a moment. One can only guess at the void that is left when they leave---only to be filled with silence and the sounds of the facility fo…

A bloggers lament

I have been writing on various blogs which I have created for a few years now. I enjoy writing, it helps to sort my disheveled mind. Generating ideas and finding ways to articulate those ideas in an orderly manner is fun. I gain a kind of satisfaction when I hit the publish key.
As much fun as writing and then posting is, a writer this writer anyhow, needs to have readers and feed back. I'm not getting any from any one. So I have to ask myself a couple of questions. Number one, Why? Why aren't people following me and Why am I not getting any comments. 
To get some kind of answer, I sat back and thought for a bit ( you should have seen the smoke pouring  out of my ears). Maybe I am not writing about things others find interesting. Maybe I'm not writing in an interesting way. Or maybe my writing is not getting to a large enough audience.
I don't know, I just wish I had some followers.


And now for something a little different. My experience at the VA

I guess you could say it all started out back in the days of my youth. I thought that if I went into the Navy my life would magically be come better. 
Well, it has taken a few years, but that wish may have finally come true. Maybe a better start to this story would be with Obama care and the fact that everyone should get insurance. Well, I fell into the hole between getting subsidized insurance and anything else. You gotta love North Carolina!
At any rate, the VA stepped up and is giving me some health care! Yay! I filled out some forms and they called me and said I was good to go. All I had to do was show up and we could get started. 
I got there at 8 A.M. for an 8:30 appointment. I did the things they told me to and expected to have everything take a whole bunch of time. My nurse was calling my name at precisely 8:30. She was professional and very friendly and helpful. She had her things to do and say before I got to see the doctor, who was just was as accommodating.
I gotta say the lay…

The road ahead

How does one put the thoughts and concerns screaming through the mind of a son whose mother is ending her run in this world? Whether it comes sooner or years down the road of life, we have seen the tunnel which we all must travel through.
During the travels which we go through in life there are many roads we follow, most of the time we know the direction to go. Other times the road ahead is under construction, or when we least expect it, it is in total destruction. Most of the time, we have control, we know where we are going and can control the outcome of the latest adventure and even the one ahead.
Sometimes though, life throws a blind curve at us, one which even though we should have seen coming at us, totally throws us out of  the lane we were traveling. We careen around trying to regain control, over steering and sometimes loosing control of our path. Sometimes we totally loose our way. This is when Family comes in to save the day, to help us regain control.
It is time now for our f…

Monday's Musings

Now it is Saturday and Mom has had a night at her new, for the moment, home. Truthfully, she was still a little hazy about what was going on.
When the Runtyun and I arrived at Stone Creek, on Friday, we found her room and made our way to it. Guess what she was doing. Yup, trying to get out of bed! Can you say "stubborn?"
We got her settled and talked a while. She seemed to like her new digs. About that time, Dad arrived and we all had a nice conversation. 
Saturday rolled around, and again the Kid and I visited. The previous night seemed to go well for her. She was dressed and sitting up in her chair looking so pretty.
We decided to go for a little stroll. Stone Creek has a little protected area, a courtyard, outside where people can go to get some air. Mom and I explored, while the Runtyun stared at her phone. Mom seemed to soak in the fresh air and sun. There were moments of silence and I wondered what Mom was thinking about. Whatever it was, she had a slight smile. Me? You as…

Our next step

"We" moved Mom to Stone Creek and she seems to be doing well.
But before I start with that part of the saga, I want to talk about her stay at St. Joseph's.
Last Monday, when she got hurt-fell down-we were confident that everything would work itself out and life would return to our version of normal the next day. Reality began to set in on Tuesday.
When I was finally able to get to the hospital, I found out that she had been moved to another room and floor. The staff on the 8th floor handled my confusion well, I guess they had experience in this sort of thing. I found the 9th floor nursing station and made my way to Mom's room, she was struggling to get out of her bed. This is of course, was a bad thing.
About the time I got there Nancy Harrison, a very good friend of Mom and Dad's came 'a visitin'. Nancy and I were able to calm her down while I explained that maybe she should relax and let her body heal.
I tried explaining that she had been hurt recently and n…

Mom's trip to the hospital

Dad cooked a roasted Boston Butt last Sunday and wanted the Runtyun and me to have half. Yummy, he does Boston Butt good! So, I called late in the afternoon on Monday to let him know I was coming over to collect my prize.
He had just gotten home from a short shopping trip but was ready or me to come by. We kept talking a minute, then I heard a thud and a whimpering groan. Though he does not remember it, Dad said, "Oh no, Mother has fallen," and hung up. 
Ten minutes later, I was at the door. Two Biltmore Police vehicles were outside. I walked into the house to be greeted by an officer who politely asked who I was. I identified myself. The officer enquired of my father if I was who I claimed, again with a smile, yet with an underlying sense of urgency.
Mom had tangled her feet while trying to get to the phone to say hi to me. She was lying on the floor, one shoe across the room the other tangled between her feet. Her arm was twisted in a funny way, but she did not complain of pa…

Good bye, My Friend

My head is all spinning around. I'm not even close to relapsing, yet every day I have to remind myself not to go out and get some crack and a stem and a screen. It has become a habit, almost a ritual mental dance. Kinda like the habit that changed my life so many years ago.
A friend failed to go through his ritual. I noticed his behavior was changing a little while ago, but I said nothing. This is a guilt I will have to reconcile. I think the most obvious clue was his restarting smoking cigarettes. Restarting smoking seems to be an indicator, to me at least, of a pending or current relapse. I will learn this lesson and maybe in the future...
There is so much flying around my head right now, my fingers cannot even keep up with the whirlwind. Sometimes I can catch a nugget and put words to the torrent swirling around my cavernous brain. Mostly though, I stare at this screen trying to figure it all out.
I am angry at this man for giving in to his desire. I am a little envious too.