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Happy Thanksgiving

It is Thanksgiving today. Fucking Yea!
I was told many years ago that when I feel down, just this side of suicidal, I should sit down and remember the things I should be  thankful for. My sister, who is magnitudes smarter than me, seemed to think that remembering the positives in life would help to alleviate my out look. Maybe elevate is a better word here. 
Well, I am in a shit mood and will try and follow her advice now.
I can't really find anything to be Thankful for right now. At least anything positive. Let me list the things that are important to me:
1.   My beautiful Daughter, the Runtyun. 2.   My parents. 3.   My desire to be a well compensated writer. 4.   My camera and desire to be a well compensated photographer. 5.   My ability to spell, this goes with #3. 6.   Beer. 7.   My job, I guess.
Of all of these wonderful things Beer is he only one that I can really predict. And THAT sounds like an addict to me.
So lets count down these seven things.
I love my daughter, she is the one anch…

A rainy ride

Rain, rain, rain. It seems all we get is rain. We have had a beautiful fall, but whenever I get a chance to ride, it is raining. Grrr!
I took a chance today and ignored the weather maps and the drizzle falling out of the sky. The Grinner was waiting. She jumped at the touch of key and throttle.
I used the excuse of the need to get something from the local photo shop to do something besides work on Photoshop. Riding down Brevard Road feeling water hit my face, I tried to convince myself it was water blowing off the windshield. It worked until I saw cars coming at me with their wipers working over time.
The weather did not matter to me though, the bike was running and tires humming. My face was smiling and I could feel my shoulders loosen.
Riding the Parkway, I started to think about a story I have been working. Jason, one of the protagonists, is going to have a chapter all to himself. He needs to think about his motivation and the woman he is falling in love with. He may wonder about her a…