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Wondering what they are thinking

OK, so this may be a little politically incorrect, but until some one can convince me otherwise...
Any one who is at all aware of the world around them knows about the migration from northern Africa to Europe.  It is a big deal, my words do it little justice, causing major problems rippling throughout the whole world. Truly, I cannot even imagine the hardships involved to both the residents who hhave remained and those fleeing their homes' depression.
I was listening to an interview on NPR with one of the migrants from Syria. The man, a teacher, is married with at least one child and another on the way, and is looking for a better life for himself, and I hope his family.
The first thing he had to say was life was getting too bad and dangerous for him. So he left his family stuck someplace in war-torn Syria to "find a better life."
I would like to think I would handle it differently. Now let's remember, I am an arm chair progressive with high ideals and little to back the…