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Sometimes I get on the Grinner and nothing really happens. I just don't get the thrill of riding. Yes, I feel the wind in my face, the power of Milwaukee Iron, even the flow of the road beneath my tires bringing me to nirvana…kinda. Yet the thrill, the energy just does not envelop me. I’ll feel refreshed, a little, yet not rejuvenated.
Yesterday was an example of this syndrome. I hopped on the bike and went to the places I wanted. However, I felt nothing extraordinary. It was more like a chore instead of a pleasure. The bike handled well, the roads were open enough for me to have a little fun, but I asked myself, “Why am I out here, what's the purpose of this ride?” I got home feeling better than when I had left, yet kinda unfulfilled. I felt like I had wasted a couple hours even though I had spent them riding. It was all good though—I got a really good night's sleep.
Today though, it was all paid up in full. The Runtyun was not feeling so well, but I asked her if she wanted…

Aw Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend was awesome! It started out with a laundry session and got better and better! Truly, this may sound weird, but it worked for me. Then I played around with some photos on the computer. Well, actually I tried to install and start using Lightroom. But I ran into some problems there, Not such a great thing, but it's OK. Then I went to a car show just down the road and got some really good pictures of a few cars.
Back home again, and a couple final touches on the Grinner. I wanted to use a jig to make sure the rear wheel was aligned properly. I did it withe a bent out of shape clothes hanger!  
And I wanted to have a look at some of the pics of the car show. I think with minimal work, there are some very good shots. One guy I talked with did his own pin-striping. I have one of his T-bird insignia with the pin-striping above it. Nice!
(A little later)
Yeah, there are some nice shots, I just worked on some of them. Have a look and check out my other shots at: http://thewond…

bikes, repairs and memories

It is funny how some things in life,  relatively minor in some cases, can over shadow one's whole outlook.
All of my life I have had a love of motorcycles and riding. My first vehicle was a Honda 175 Scrambler. It looked something like this:  It set the tone of my life, or maybe it merely reflected the trend it was going toward. Is there a real difference? Back in the day, riding that bike was everything that freedom meant to a loner teenager. I never wanted to be a "Biker." I still don't understand why a hobby that professes individualism, one that celebrates the loner, seems to attract such tribalism. Nor did I really understand why those who rode in gangs found it so appealing. Back in those days of high school glory I liked to ride, ride to no where, I still do. As I got older, that love of riding only grew in intensity. I felt free, unencumbered. I could feel the world flying by. I had control of where I was going.
I played around with the engine on that bike a lit…