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An Amazing Moment

I have been going to the local (franchised) Bagel shop for a long time now. One of the reasons I go to this specific place is because it is close to the Cathedral where my beautiful Runtyun sings for the choir. 
I have stated many times my opinion of the filter of organized religion on this and other places, so I will not do so again at this time. However, there is no denying the wonderful things parishioners have done because their God has deemed it right. The music alone, the way it wafts through the air and messages the ear is proof enough that a god exists and has direct control of our lives.
But, this is a discussion for another day. 
As I was saying, I was sitting at the shop when a wonderful lady walked in, in tow was an incredible little redheaded munchkin. I know it is corning, but this child is amazing. She is sweet and has not been infected by the cynicism so pervasive in more mature folk.
This corny little child saw me and my iPad the moment she walked in, yet she was smart. S…

A few thoughts about money and compensation

I have done no research on what I am about to rant about. I have not even talked it through with any one except my inner, crazy brain. But I feel qualified to write about it nontheless.
So deal with it my loyal readers. Meh!
I have talked about my financial woes a few times in the past. I have also talked about my additive past a little. It is a funny yet sad thing though, back in the daize when I let my addictive tendencies rule my life, I could live an OK life and not worry about money too much.
Now I am not controlled by the need to spend money on drugs, yet I worry constantly about making it to the next pay check with any money left over for food,clothes, much less a movie and popcorn, for the Runtyun and me. It wears me down.
So, when I got straight and moved here from the poisonous world I lived in for too long, I decided I would go to school and redefine who I was as a person. It worked to a degree, yet my earning potential seemed to decline. I do not regret my choice to restart my…