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Time to start thinkin' 'bout the Election

Let me start by saying the perpetual election cycle we live in is making me dizzy. It seems to me that as soon as the last election was over, both parties started to position themselves for the next one, not the mid-term, but the presidential election four years later. Not only is this American war-weary, but I'm election-weary. 
It seems to me there should be some kind of rule/moratorium/law that limits, or defines the dates prior to elections that candidates can run. After all, we did elect them to run our country, not for reelection, didn't we?
Our elected officials, at least on a national level, seem to be interested in preserving their jobs and not working to make our way of life better. The right wing is pandering to their corporate leash-holders. While the left moans and groans about how unfair it is that they don't get the support they need.
The right criticizes and demonizes our President and anyone who does not whole-heartedly endorse their point of view, while not…


A friend and I talked the other day. She was having troubles with her car and her former BF and needed to vent. I have always liked her and wondered what it would be like to spend a minute with her. But mostly, I just wanted to help her through a shitty moment.
I listened to what she had to say and sympathized. I tried to ease her down the road to Recovery(?), because that was the roll she needed me to play. After a time she invited me to her birthday celebration. Knowing it was a good ride away and might cause some family strife, I said sure and we would iron out the details when we got to Blue Ridge, GA. The Runtyun and I packed up the bike and set out for the 3 hour trek.
The Grinner, this is what I call my Motorcycle for those who do not know already, only gets 80 to 90 miles on a tank of gas. This translates to about 33mpg. The truth is this works out pretty well for this old guy. About the time the bike runs out of gas, I need to walk around to Un-kink my weary old back.
Our first …