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I had to wait too long

I wanted to get some maintenance done on the van Saturday, so I made an appointment at the Firestone franchise. Most of my vehicle maintenance is done there and I am usually very happy with their service.
This time I wanted to have the tires rotated, which is free-a great incentive, and an oil change. 
I made the appointment for 7:30 AM so I could get on with the day. (Early bird, and so forth.) I arrived at 7:20 hoping to get the whole thing done in an expeditious manner. 
Walking in the door, I saw 3 or four other customers with the same idea. It's a good thing I made that appointment, I reminded myself.
At the desk, I was told that it may be a minute or two before they get my van into a dock. I said that was why I made an appointment, so I would not have to wait. No reply. Then I was told that I should be out after 8:00 AM. OK. Great, that is not so bad, I thought.
I waited and watched my van sit in the parking lot for over an hour before it even got moved into a bay. It finally mad…

This beginners view of how I understand the Conservative view

I was watching Netflix's House of Cards and I had a kind of epiphany. 
During the pre-show credits there is a montage of Washington, D.C. views, some of which show a positive outlook while others show the underbelly of the city. Two times during the opening, the image of the Lions at the memorial for U.S. Grant are shown. These are proud beasts on their posts of honor, with heads held high. More than any other part of the program these images seem to personify the power of American pride (see what I did there?   ;-O).
I have been struggling lately trying to understand how those on the right can be so obtuse. I just cannot understand how a large segment of our society can work against a segment of their very own society. I have been trying to bend my brain into excepting the thought that they just don't care about those not as fortunate, or lucky or forceful.
As I understand it, Conservatives and Libertarians, among other things, pride themselves on their independence and self-suf…