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A New Chapter Begins

To anyone out there who wants to know.1-15-2014
I have been a loyal customer of Brueggers Bagels for a long time, something like 6 or 7 years. The bagels are great and variety of cream cheeses fine. Even the coffee is good and the new one to replace French Roast, which is Dark Roast, has a nice rich flavor that holds up even against cream and sugar. Yummy! The idea of having the bottomless cup for a year, is great marketing ploy and has worked well for me.When I have a few moments of free time, I go there and use their wifi for various things. I fool myself into thinking that I am being productive, but mostly I surf or Facebook. This time during my free time has translated into more revenue for Brueggers, because I'll get something to eat, either a salad or sandwich, while I am there.
FREE CUP of COFFEE + SANDWICH = MONEY for the franchise. This is a great deal for every one, they get my money and I get a place to "work."
My issue now is the price of this bottomless cup: $15…