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I am not an Atheist!

The other day a friend posted a picture of a beautiful tattoo on the back of an exquisite woman. The tattoo was an exploration of a lily vine, I think, in fantastic color. The colors and artistry used were melded together combinbg with the models natural beauty; the way her spine made the shadows dance over her skin, created an image surreal; almost a waking dream. My friend was talking about having the work reproduced on her. My brain exploded with the thought. Her inner beauty would only enhance the brilliance of the work making the whole even more stunning than the sum of already splendid parts. I had to go and bring up religion and how in some parts of the bible it is considered blasphemy to tattoo or cut the body. There is one passage in particular, in Leviticus, that says something like, “Don't cut or tattoo the body... Blah, blah...” At the end of my post, I did say that it would look good on her. I wonder if her eyes got that far though. My friend, I hope I can still call her…


I have had delusions of grandeur for the last few years. Truth is I really don’t want to work for someone else, I want to write for a living. I think I have interesting ideas and I have deluded myself into thinking that others may be interested in them. Seems I am wrong in that assumption. When I post on any of my blogs; A Daddy Grows Up: A Chronicle of Our Journey, Rants and Brain Echoes, My Rantings (a journal of thoughts), or even just update my status on Facebook, I get a smattering of views and almost no comments. Much less any follows. I spend a good amount of time writing these posts and most of the them are pertinent to something going on outside of this electronic box. I always want to have feed back from my readers and most of the time ask for it in the post. Yet I get very little. I want feed back on the content and style, yet all I get is encouragement with no editorial rebuttal. I’ll keep on trudging along writing here and working on my fictional writing too, but it sure woul…