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So I have been giving this whole situation some thought lately. It is  a really frustrating and confusing one. The question is how can otherwise intelligent and well adjusted people be deluded into following, adhering to and even propagating the salacious lies that are being pumped out by the extreme right wing? I listen to lots of talk radio, mostly left leaning, but I also dip my ear into more conservative talk shows. Most of my credible news comes from NPR. Though many conservatives may consider NPR to be left leaning, it does attempt to keep as neutral as possible; when a reporter/journalist expresses their own opinion, the listener knows. I also listen to the right a little. Rush Limbaugh is an entertaining entertainer who is a loud mouth piece for the right wing. I feel that if I am to make well informed decisions on important topics, I need to be informed on BOTH sides of an issue. There seem to be two formats coming out of talk radio, when listening to the extreme left or right m…