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Joey the Libertarian or NC's version of Joe the Plumber Part 1

I have this friend, colleague, acquaintance, who is a Libertarian---yeah I know, but he is OK. We have some interesting conversations about politics. It turns out many of his views are similar to mine. I know, kinda scary right? We'll talk about Ron Paul and some of his opinions. I'll express mine about his suspected racism, and Joey will down play it. I'll try to make the point that though Paul's ability to define a problem is very good, his solutions need some work, archaic even.
We'll go back and forth on different subjects and generally have a lively discussion, yet we do not ever get to the level of name calling and back stabbing the national talking heads seem to lower themselves to. Joey will make his point, and sometimes he is very passionate about it, and then I'll like mine. Many times our opinions very dramatically, but we don't yell at each other.  
I try to keep an open mind on all things though I have a liberal bend. When Joey and I talk, I wond…