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Who Is Dr. Sowell, or is he even relevant?

A friend CCed this article by Thomas Sowell, to me. The article had a picture of an actor whose name I cannot remember, but he has a sever, yet wise face. For the most part the articles Ted sends to me are feel good ones, if you are a conservative, blasting the current administration. I look at them and wonder what they may be thinking, but realize we are all entitled to our opinion. This article however, was so over the top that I just had to reply. Briefly Dr. Sowell is trying to compare the Occupy Wall Street movement with every negative cliche he can come up with. In 339 words he has not only equated the Occupy movement but the President, with bad hygiene, communism, socialism, public sex, the 1%, Black Panthers Unions, destroying the American way of life, racism, class warfare, the degradation of the Family and the loss of personal liberties as well as bad hygiene I want to take a writing class from this guy for a number of reasons. Here are a couple; his ability to draw emotions…